Semaphore Cloud Maintenance Schedule

Weekly maintenance schedule

On Tuesday and Thursday of each week between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 am (UTC) Smartlogic reserves the right to perform minor updates that ensure the continued reliable operation of the service. It is during this maintenance window that minor updates to the software or environment may be made resulting in a brief outage.

Please see Semaphore Cloud - Release Notes for details of what is included in releases and any known issues.

General Operation

The Semaphore Cloud Administration Team will make every effort to ensure the following:

  1. The service is provided on an on-going basis for tenants (as per contractual agreement with Smartlogic).
  2. Tenant model and configuration data is regularly backed up.
  3. Tenant service levels (as per relevant SLAs) are maintained including provisioning of additional resources/services as required.
  4. Tenant configuration is appropriately maintained including assignment of specific (nominated) users to various roles within the tenancy.
  5. All Semaphore Cloud users are notified in advance of any significant service outages with the exception of the weekly maintenance window.

Platform Issues

Tenants should raise any issues they find with in their normal use of Semaphore Cloud using the Smartlogic Customer Portal "support ticket" facility (tickets can be raised using the form found at or by emailing When notified of an issue the standard Smartlogic contractual support delivery policy will apply.

Unforeseen or Operational Issues

Immediately on encountering any unforeseen or operational issues (such as the stability of the underlying platform) that may affect one or more tenants, the Semaphore Cloud Administration Team will do the following:

  1. Investigate the nature of the issue and attempt to understand the impact to the tenant(s).
  2. Notify the relevant tenant(s) of the issue and an estimate of time for resolution.
  3. Resolve the issue, if possible, or wait for issue resolution, in the case of issues beyond the control of Smartlogic, then notify tenant. Note that if the issue is on-going then regular updates should be communicated to the tenant.